Who We Are

Real Reform Brooklyn is a loosely affiliated group of people who love Brooklyn and especially the neighborhoods of the 33rd Council District. We are committed to providing information to the public about the upcoming Democratic Primary on Tuesday, September 15th. We are not aligned with any campaign.

There is a pretty odd collection of people vying for to become our next council person. While we will try to write on every candidate, we are most concerned, at this time, with the two front runners: Steve Levin and Jo Anne Simon.

Levin was Chief of Staff to Kings County Democratic Committee Chairman Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Levin recently moved into the District to run for the council slot. He has consistently worked to do his master’s bidding including carrying over $100,000,000 of tax benefit water for Atlantic Yards. He doesn’t seem to have any problem with that. We do.

Simon professes to have a real record of working with communities.  A close review of her record reveals that she is also a consistent straddler who rarely takes a position — even when it challenges her core values as a civil rights lawyer. 

For those obsessed with who we are, we have addressed our reason for remaining anonymous in comments throughout the blog. Read them. We also suggest that you spend your time researching what we have written. If you find us factually inaccurate, tell us. Otherwise, think long and hard about who you will support. At this time, we are starting to starting to lean as a group in Evan Thies’s direction. We are still undecided though and hope to have consensus by primary day. Stay tuned.

Keeping It Real.