Jo Anne Simon: Bald Faced Liar


I'm just desperate...

I'm just desperate...

We never wanted it to get here.  Biviano and Diamondstone have engaged in negative campaigning.  Now Jo Anne Simon has joined the negative campaign camp and resorts to a bald faced lie in an attack piece against Evan Thies.  The piece was distributed to the southern part of the 33rd District starting yesterday.  We expect that it will make it to the northern part tomorrow or on primary day.  

Simon’s piece claims “Evan Thies sat out the crucial committee vote that green-lighted the irresponsible Broadway Triangle development project.  If Thies had shown up and voted this irresponsible development would never have gone forward.”   Simon is just plain lying when she claims that Thies’s vote made the difference between Broadway Triangle going forward or not.  That is simply not true.  The final vote on Broadway Triangle was 23-12.  Thies’s vote did not make the difference.  For anyone familiar with CB1, they know that Vito Lopez and the Satmar bloc control what happens.

Why Simon would print this lie in a district-wide campaign piece is obvious.  She has run a completely lackluster campaign, is out of totally options, and needs to sling whatever mud she can lay her hands on — even if it is not truthful.  We are seriously disturbed that Simon would sink to this level.  She has been exposed throughout the campaign as an ineffective, waffling, flip-flopping, busybody with no real record of achievement either for her neighborhood or on reform within the Kings County Democratic Party.  With this latest piece of campaign literature, she has simply proven that she worse than we ever thought.  

Nice job, Jo Anne.  Really sad.

Keeping It Real


4 responses to “Jo Anne Simon: Bald Faced Liar

  1. Community Reactivist

    If Simon had ever been on a CB, then we could attack her record and attendance too. (And clearly this IS a desperate and unwarranted attack on Thies.) Wait — District Leaders can’t be on CBs , I think — they have to play nice and make sure everyone gets along.

    Simon has been “involved in” or has “advocated for” many different things. How do you quantify “involved” or “advocated” — by telling your neighbor about the issue? By bringing it up at a meeting? Simon has submitted testimony for many issues, but hasn’t testified in person for much of anything because then her position, or lack thereof, would be visible to the political powers that be that she must appease.

    Simon appears to have raised plenty of money, but the day after the NY Times’ “Let’s not, but say we did” endorsement, she used XEROXED PASTE-ON STICKERS on existing campaign literature. The BHA/BBPDC, etc. governors’ letter was addressed from her office — another “don’t rock the boat” group endorsing the candidate of stasis. No stickers for them!

    Simon should have consulted Ken Diamondstone on recycling best practices. Or might that have constituted taking a stand?

    • I’m not if Thies was on the ULURP committee, or if he resigned before or after they voted on the Broadway Triangle Development. But if he was, and resigned before the Committee vote, then JoAnne’s claim is actually correct. Broadway Triangle passed that committee after a tie vote was broken by the chair – one more “no” vote would have lead to defeat.

  2. for anyone familiar with cb procedures – the motion needs a majority of people present (including people who abstain) to vote in favor in order for it to pass. therefore, the broadway triangle proposal was 3 votes shy of being rejected by CB1.

    the manner in which this blog, doug biviano, and ken d. have attacked jo anne not only diminished the quality of our local political discourse, it gave steve levin a path to victory. congrats

    • realreformbrooklyn


      You should refer to the Brooklyn11211 blog for a full description of what happened. That is straight from the person who chairs the ULURP Committee. You are off base.

      As for diminishing the “quality of the race”, we think that factual accuracy of our posts speak for themselves. While many have a problem with Levin because of Vito Lopez, the fact remains that he ran a more honorable race than Simon, Biviano and Diamondstone. We hope only the best for him and the challenges that lay ahead.


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