Times Endorsement Continued (Briefly)

We only have time for a really short post.  We are all busy with our families and respective significant others on this beautiful day.  We hope that you are doing the same.

Our criticism of The Times endorsement of Simon generated some interesting comment.  Due to the lack of any analysis, 11211 found it could have ended easily with: “We endorse Mr. Thies.” Norman Oder over at Atlantic Yards Report could not dismiss our view that The Times’s decision was a by-product of Atlantic Yards.  All agree that the nod to Simon was, at best, “lukewarm.”

The Times said that Thies was an “excellent” candidate for his work on reform and clean-air issues — both critical local matters.  It also found merit in Levin but could not dismiss his ties to Vito Lopez. Abraham, Biviano, Baer and Diamondstone did not get any mention whatsoever. It cited no local issue that Simon has worked on.

Bottom Line: Given how blandly The Times crafted its position, we do not think that endorsement is the game-changer Simon’s otherwise lackluster campaign was hoping for.

Keeping It Real


2 responses to “Times Endorsement Continued (Briefly)

  1. Community Reactivist

    Contributions from BBPDC board members are very troubling. Simon said in the Citizen’s Union debate that she wanted to stop additional housing in BBPark. I believe that she said she’d support concessions, housing, etc. “on occasion” at another debate. But the BBPDC Board wants to build the current plan , the VanValkenburgh uber-park (with 16- and 30- story buildings.)

    So what has Simon said (sorry, I couldn’t resist) that Simon really means?

    Simon is entrenched in the current local political structure in other ways. She was District Leader for quite some time — a political position, not a community advocate position. She had to play well with others to keep that position; she may well be an excellent advocate for the disabled, but not for her community’s wishes! Simon has close ties with Joan Millman, who is good on local issues — PS 8 and other area schools, senior issues. etc. The free bus service to Fairway in Red Hook is a great service , but is also a way to solidify support in Concord Village, a Millman stronghold that she’s bequeathing to Simon for the election. Who was/is Simon’s election lawyer? Marty Connor, who was so absent in recent years as our State Senator that I can only presume his law career in Albany was really taking off. Connor’s last gift to the district was the non-community-supported housing in the 2004 BBP plan, and Millman stood behind him on this. Neither Connor nor Millman have held Ratner accountable for much of anything involving Atlantic Yards. Both BBP and AY are ESDC (state) projects requiring no community review (no ULURP), so their hearings could seem like collective exercises in banging one’s head against the wall. We needed representation in Albany, but none was given.

    Now we have a chance with Squadron’s PIRC plan (Squadron of course is Connor’s successor.) Thies also has a PIRC-type plan, which was an Op-Ed in The Daily News a few weeks before Squadron’s plan emerged.

    Simon has made a political career of befriending the status quo – but the status quo has given us Atlantic Yards, a park that has yet to be designated offically as parkland. A council person needs to play well with others , but also to take a stand, and take some punches if necessary, to get what’s right for our district.

    Does anyone remember when Hillary Clinton came to Brooklyn Heights August ’06 and said if parks had to be self-sustaining, then we’d never have a park. She reiterated this opinion in The Daily News, The Brooklyn Paper (8/12/06 issue ) as well as The Brooklyn Courier (8/14/06.) Some ESDC board members were major donors to Hillary and mega-donors to the DNC. A few days and a few political meetings later (remember, she was then Senator , and beginning her run for President) she retracted her sensible statements and walked a political tightrope, writing that this was a unique situation and so on…

    Hillary Clinton has never been considered a wimp — sometimes a waffler, but not a wimp. Hillary changed her mind on the park in 3 days!! How long until Simon does what her old allies want , and not what her actual constituents want? An independent voice for the 33rd? Not hearing it.

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