Steve Levin + Carpetbagging: The Plot Thickens

"Come on, Fluffy.  Vito says we have to move."

"Come on, Fluffy. Vito says we have to move to the 33rd."

For today, we have two further points regarding our earlier piece on Steve Levin & Carpetbagging. We received some comments, presumably from Levin supporters, denouncing the carpetbagging label. Those commentators argued that Levin just moved down the block to his new Morgan Avenue address. They claimed that we were exaggerating the situation. In fact, Levin moved 26 blocks and over 2 miles to ensconce himself inside the 33rd District. But further research now reveals that Levin running in the 33rd is even more of a subterfuge for Vito Lopez that we first though. That the carpetbagging label is even more appropriate than ever. The only way to describe it is pure chutzpah!

First, we have learned that Levin was not considering for a run in the 33rd District as early as February 2008. His name actually floated for the position in a December 4, 2007 piece in the New York Observer. Levin was a registered voter in the 34th District on November 7, 2007. That means, assuming his motives were totally pure, within 25 days (November 7 to December 4, 2007), he moved two miles and 26 blocks into the 33rd District the day, fell instantly love with the place, and decided he just had to have a shot at representing us. If you believe that, we have a bridge in the lower part of that we would like to sell you.

Second, it also turns out that Levin’s campaign office is not even in the 33rd District. Rather, it is in the 34th at Vito Lopez’s political club Bushwick United Democratic Club. According to Levin’s campaign expenditure reports, his only expense for office space has been at Bushwick United Democratic Club.

Picture 1

Levin Campaign Finance Expense Report

Bushwick United Democratic Club is not in the 33rd District. Rather, it is located, as its name suggests, it is in the heart of Bushwick at at 297 Wycoff Avenue.

Picture 2

Posting with address of Bushwick United Democratic Club

Picture 1

Google Map showing Bushwick United Democratic Club

Levin has insisted that he is not tied to Vito Lopez — that he is his own man in this race. Absolutely nothing about his actions or conduct confirm that claim. Levin moved into the District solely for the purpose of running for the council seat. He is not even committed enough to the area to have his campaign office here. And, his ties to Lopez run so deep that he cannot even separate his headquarters from that of his master. That is carpetbagging of the first order. It is troubling and should not go unnoticed.

Keeping It Real

Post Script:  Our thanks to Dwight Milk for posting the comment about the location of Levin’s campaign headquarters.

8 responses to “Steve Levin + Carpetbagging: The Plot Thickens

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  2. Didn’t Gerry contribute to Levin’s Campaign? Im going to do some research… I’ll be back…. I didn’t think this blog would let people comment.

    We need to stop all this BS Politics…Why does everyone need to play…… I can’t believe Gerry…Very disappointing…Damnit North Brooklyn!!!!

    Keeping It Realer!

  3. How pathetic. So Steve Levin moved into Greenpoint from two miles away in another part of North Brooklyn. Is that your scandal that requires that you remain anonymous?

    As someone that knows Stephen Levin, and as someone that has turned to him when I was working directly with residents of the 33rd who were facing eviction, and needed advice on how to deal with one City agency or another, I have seen first-hand his knowledge of how New York City government can work for individuals, and his commitment to helping regular people caught up in an unfortunate crisis.

    Clearly, Levin has spent the last five years or so working to help poor and working class people in North Brooklyn, and many of those people live in the 33rd City Council District. What is so significant about your accusation?

    For me, and for everyone else reading this it seems obvious that the person(s) writing this is doing so anonymously because they are associated with one of the other campaigns. What other reason could there be? This is a City Council campaign, what would anyone else have to worry about writing these in their own name? Also, I find it somewhat in poor taste to use a term like “carpetbagging,” since that word was coined by racists in the South during the Post-Civil War Reconstruction Era to describe northerners who came South to help enforce civil rights law. Eric Foner’s Reconstruction shows how this word gained popularity in a South looking to do away with the progressive reforms of that era.

    • realreformbrooklyn

      That’s a pretty spirited defense. We know that Levin has done some good work on housing and lead paint. Our issue with him is his connections to Vito Lopez. You may find that unimportant. But we cannot discount the concern, especially after he supported the no-bid Broadway Triangle rezoning. And, we are deeply disturbed by the fact that his campaign headquarters are run out of Vito Lopez’s political club in Bushwick.

      Call us what you may. The voters will decide.

      BTW, glad that you have read Eric Foner. We have been a fan for years.

      Real Reform Brooklyn

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