Steve Levin & Carpetbagging

So here is another one for the books.  According to voter registration records, Steve Levin was not living in the 33rd District until sometime after November 6, 2007.  Why do we know that?  Because his voter registration records show that he voted out of the district at his prior East Williamsburg address at 12 Morgan Avenue, which is in the 34th District represented by City Councilwoman Diana Reyna.  The earliest record of him being in the district is March 2008.  Whatever the case (November 2007 or March 2008), he has lived in the 33rd District for less than two years before running for the City Council.  Not that this should come as much of a surprise.  Levin’s mentor, Vito Lopez, has been accused of not living in the district that he represents.  It is pretty remarkable though because, according to the Daily News, Levin was considering a run for the 33rd by as early as February 2008.

What does this all mean?  Simple.  Levin has to vote where he is a resident.  On November 6, 2007, he is still legally declared a resident of 12 Morgan Avenue, which is at the intersection of Flushing Avenue and Morgan.  It is in the 34th City Council District, i.e., not the 33rd District.  By March 2008, he has his legal residence listed at 576 Morgan Avenue, Apartment 3L, within the 33rd District.  Therefore, even assuming that Levin moved the day after he voted on November 7, 2007, he lived in the 33rd District for three months before deciding that he was the best person to represent us in the City Council.  That is not only chutzpah…it is carpetbagging, plain and simple.  The 33rd deserves way better.

11 responses to “Steve Levin & Carpetbagging

  1. Have you looked at a map? The districts in brooklyn actually make no sense what so ever. The 12 Morgan Ave address you mention is actually down the street from 576 green point address. HE HAS LIVED ON THE SAME STREET FOR 6 YEAR! how is that carpetbagging? he didnt move here from Maine? Have you never known someone to move from one part of brooklyn to another part of brooklyn? The 33rd is a very diverse district… Maybe you should think about what that means for a second.

    • realreformbrooklyn


      It is actually 26 blocks and two miles away. In New York terms, that would be known as a Carpetbagging by a Country Mile.

      Thanks for the comment,

      Real Reform Brooklyn

  2. PackerAlum05

    RealReform–the biggest fault you can find with Steven Levin is that he recently moved? A couple of blocks down nonetheless. I would think that his involvement in the community and track record would be something more appealing to discuss. But if we’re going to focus on details, what about the fact that Doug Biviano only voted in one general election in the last five years?

    Your other post actually reads like a DaVinci Code-esque conspiracy theory without potential movie rights. The Daily News “leaked” this story on Friday and then promptly printed a retraction.

    I grew up in Brooklyn Heights but I’ve been volunteering at the Gowanus houses near the Gowanus canal and I actually only know about this race from the residents there. A few of them have told me that they have met Stephen Levin a couple of times. No other candidate has even sent literature to the residents I have asked down there. Put that in your hat and reform it.

    • I don’t just show up asking for votes — I participate with the youth:

      And I’ve walked the Gowanus Houses and knocked on doors no fewer than three times now.

      Btw, Real Reform Brooklyn is a shill for Evan Thies. He won’t identify himself and, therefore, he is simply not credible.

  3. realreformbrooklyn

    You raise a good point about Biviano. There is no question that he is coming out of left field. But we have a problem with moving into a district to run. Yassky faced the same criticism in his failed congressional campaign. It was fair comment then. The fact that Levin did it at the behest of Vito Lopez makes the issue even more valid.

    As for the Schumer pieces, we don’t think that it is out of the Da Vinci Code. Maloney backed off within minutes of Schumer coming out for Levin. Daily News is just too gun shy to print what the rest of us know is the case. Schumer has been dancing with Vito over Levin since June.

    Finally, there is no question that Levin has been working the District HARD. Everyone agrees with that.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Real Reform Brooklyn

  4. Not that I’m a fan of Levin, but you’re complaining about a candidate whom you’ve labeled a “carpetbagger” working the district “hard” when the local candidates can’t get their butts to the Gowanus houses????

    Speaking of carpetbagging, tell me; did you vote for Senator Clinton? But of course you’re not going to tell us anything about you, are you? We’ve had enough of anonymous sniping, possibly by paid campaign staffs. Please prove me wrong and put a real name to your posts. That would be the start of REAL reform. Otherwise consider changing the name of your blog to “Same Ol Same Ol.”

    • realreformbrooklyn


      Thanks for your note. Yes, we did vote for Clinton because she was the only Democrat on the ticket. Rick Lazio didn’t do that much for us. You?

      As for our anonymity, we are a group of people who live, work and volunteer in organizations throughout the District. We are not candidates for political office. We are committed to providing truthful, accurate and thoughtful posts. Please understand our decision to remain anonymous is because we do not want to punished for being honest.

      Real Reform Brooklyn

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