Vito Backs Gillenbrand…Schumer Backs Levin…Same Story

Ahhhh, Vito....

Ahhhh, Vito....

You would think that Vito’s timing would be more subtle. But, of course, it wasn’t. A mere few minutes after Sen. Chuck “NeoCon” Schumer backed Vito’s lackey Steve Levin, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney backed off a challenge to Senator Kirsten Gillenbrand. Does Schumer really believe that Levin is the best person for the 33rd District? No! The back story is that Schumer has backed Gillenrbrand for her U.S. Senate bid. With Governor Patterson on life support, Schumer wants Vito in his camp. Vito smelling an opening backed Maloney. Then the backroom dealing got started. Schumer agreed to back Levin if Vito would back off Maloney. As quick as you can say “Quid Pro Quo” or “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”, the deal got done and Schumer was out in front of Brooklyn Borough Hall with an anemic gathering of other Vito lackeys cheering the nuptials. Levin gave Schumer a verbal proctological exam that even embarrassed the Senator. Watch it here on the Brooklyn Heights Blog (the only source covering the event).


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